Manson Creek Historic Society

Manson Creek Historic Society was founded in late 1992 to try and preserve the old Hudsons Bay Store and site. The site had been empty for several years after the bankruptcy of the last owners.

Early photo of the Hudsons Bay Store in what is now the Manson Creek Historic site.
Hudsons Bay May 17 1938. Adams Steam Shovel and Skooks team.  During winter of 1935-36 the Hudsons Bay Post was built by “Little Joe” Vlasek and Jack Hughes. It was first managed by Jack Copeland-"Pioneer Goldseekers page 68"
Hudsons Bay Store 2008
The roadhouse was built across the creek from the Historic site. Some time after the original store residence burned down the upper story of the roadhouse was moved to its present site and became the new residence.  
This residents building has been added to and some additions removed. 
Manson Creek museum was used as a cache and then a museum for the public. I the late 1970s and 80s it was unfortunately emptied of contents due to a dispute between the previous co owners.
Built in the 1930s Lynx cabin has been undergoing some restoration work by Greg Willick.