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The thousands of Goldseekers who have explored the Manson Creek area before us have left behind them many miles of old roads and trails. Many of these old wagon roads have received little or no maintanence since they were built and used so many years ago. A complaint I repeatedly hear from ATVers is that their holiday was too short to explore all the roads.


Baldy Trail stretches 67km from Sylvester Creek in the south to Manson Creek in the north. This is what remains of the original gold rush trail from Quesnel Forks to Manson. It is a rough undeveloped or unserviced trail that is being preserved and is receiving more attention lately.The best access point for Baldy Trail is the north end, well marked from our main street in Manson Creek. A shorter 28km Evans Creek Trail takes you from Parquet Creek on Germansen Lake over a mountain pass to Evans Creek and the Omenica River.

In the summer of 2011 a group of Canadian Rangers opened the Baldy Trail from the Nations to Manson Creek. The trail is now passable by four wheeler along it's entire length. I was told that the length of the trail as measured by the Rangers was 52km. Hopefully when folks become aware of this the trail will receive much more use and remain open. Many thanks to the Rangers for this project.

Although some of the some of the homes of these earlier placer gold miners are begining to disappear many remain especially along the creel bottoms of the known gold creeks. Old gold pans, shovels and the copper claim tags used to be common site but they have now mostly been taken as souvenirs.

Whether you explore the area by walking, horseback or all terrain vehicles there will always be evidence that some prospector was there before.

Be prepared to share your path with some of our areas wilder residents.


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