Where is Manson Creek?
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The best route from Prince George is to turn west off highway 97 at highway 39 to Mackenzie. Follow this west towards Mackenzie for 16.8km then turn left at the Causeway connector. The new Causeway and the connectors are not shown on most maps. Follow the Causeway until you enter the Finlay FSR at 20km. Head north on the Finlay until you come to a major unmarked junction at 98km, Turn west here (Finlay Manson FSR) and follow it until you come to our signs at the Manson Creek rd. (just past 58km) Although this is the best route be aware that there are no directional signs until you get close to Manson Creek. The Causeway and the Findlay are major haul routes used by logging wide all weather well built road. Access from the east using Mackenzie FSRs is generally good but has very poor signage so please don't get lost. Since Kemess mine has closed road maintenance has lessened to the extent that we recommend you do not use this road. The road north from Fort St James to Manson Creek is much better maintained so we recommend this route instead. This road is still passable and can be very good at times but generally it is extremely rough and even the major intersections have no signage.



Another route from Prince George is to turn west off highway 97 just south of Windy Point Roadhouse [south of Mackenzie] onto Finlay RSR, head north to 98km junction then turn west onto Finlay Manson FSR. Follow this west until 58km where you will find our signs.  Although this is the shortest route to Manson Creek the first 20km is rarely graded or ploughed in winter.



Or you can head north from Fort St. James 180km on a good all weather logging road. This is the oldest route, much of it being used by the first rush of placer miners to Manson Creek. The road is very well marked with signs and most of it is a wide haul road. This road has recieved major upgrades due to the opening of Mount Milligan Mine. Traffic can be heavy at times with logging and mining use.


All roads are good gravel all weather road which are usually ploughed and graded regularly but please bring good tires.  Fuel is available at Manson Creek and Germanson Landing Monday to Saturday. See you soon


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