Placer gold mining present, past, large and small
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Manson Creek situated at the confluence of Slate and Manson creeks has always played a central role in the Omenica goldfields.The first gold commisioner was stationed here in 1872, soon after the construction of Baldy trail to Fort Saint James 120 miles to the south. During the 1930's gold rush Hudson's Bay opened a trading post which it continued to run for over twenty years.

The Manson Creek area has been placer mined since 1871. There have been several gold rushes or booms at times several thousand men. Even during the quiet times one will always find the creeks and hills spotted with individual prospectors looking for the that undiscovered channel.

The old Tertiary channel that is the source for most of the present creek gold runs from just south of Germanson Landing all the way to Manson Lakes. It parallels the Germanson then disappears to reappear on Slate which it crosses and continues to Discovery Bar on Manson Creek. From Manson it continues north to Lost Creek where it again disappears. It has in the past produced many nuggets in excess of 25oz. Most of this channel is very deep, usually over 100'. The paydirt is often red or rusty coloured and is under a layer of hard blue clay. There are many theories as to the exact route this channel takes but the truth will only be known after it is mined.

The source gold or "Mother Lode" of the Omineca Gold Fields has never been discovered although lately their have been some claims made from nearby lode deposits. The area has been prospected for over a century and is Manson Creek is surrounded by low grade copper gold ore with isolated high grade strings. Whether this is the source or something more as yet undiscovered exists no one knows.

Miner cleaning bedrock on bottom of hydraulic pit with jackhammer and Early mining crew in front of Hudson's Bay Store

Hand mining for placer gold at 20 Mile Creek using large dump box and high banker


Hand digging pits or shafts on Slate Creek and Germansen River


Small mechanized placer gold operations on Germanson River


Two larger placer gold operations on Manson Creek


Cleaning bedrock and using D-rocker on Slate Creek

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