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Lot E for sale

Lot E is adjoining the old Wolf Ridge General Store on lot D. It has a level cleared building site on the same level clearing as the old store and shares the back yard. There is a driveway built that needs only the last few metres finished to connect it to the road. At present it is accessable through D lot only. Lot E has a full southern exposure and so gets lot's of sun all year round. It is an old building site that was inhabited by one of the early miners. There was a good well that has since been filled in when the clearing was levelled. The New Omenica store and Post Office is just across the street kiddy corner. As shown this lot is mixed Pine, Spruce and Aspen except for clearings. This lot is for sale for $36,000.00 Contact



Germansen River Placer Gold claim 310846 for sale $225,000.00


Placer claim 310846 for sale $225,000.00 Claim 310846 situated on the Germansen River downstream from the culvert on the Manson Thutade FSR. This is a legacy claim 1kmx 500m approx. It was mined by Mckorkel Bros (late became Germansen Mines) during the 1930s and 40s. They mined here with dragline and hydraulics. In 1942 while working round the clock with 24 men the shut down order came because of the war. They had found on this property 24oz and 27oz nuggets. They put the machinery in storage to resume at some later date but this never happened. The claim was abandoned until 2012 when a small operator with one undersized excavator took a sub lease on the property. During the next two years they exposed a small section of the tertiary channel with approx. 6m thick paystreak. They were then shut down by the dept of mines and the property although continued to be sub leased sat vacant until this year when the lease agreement defaulted. This is a deep lead tertiary mine that will require large machinery and investment. The channel is exposed on one end going into the bank and the other end is the old hydraulic pit with virgin ground in between. This channel is large and in other areas where it was exposed was 80-100m wide. Good year round access about 15km north of Manson Creek. 180km north of Fort St James and 180km west of Mackenzie. Please email for further info. No arm chair miners please this is a serious worksite.


The following video was filmed to show that no material was allowed to enter the Germansen River so it is focused mainly on that. It does however give a reasonable view of the claim and channel.